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Discover Berlin’s historic past and contemporary culture with the Berlin Pass. With free entry to 50+ top attractions, museums, galleries and tours, it’s the best way to explore the city.

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  • Big Bus Berlin

    Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Berlin: Classic 1-Day Tour

    With magnificent views from an open-top bus, Big Bus Tours ...

    Normally €30.00Learn more »

  • DDR Museum

    Free entry to DDR Museum with a Berlin Pass - Save €9.80

    Normally €9.80Learn more »

  • Berliner Dom

    The Berliner Dom, also known as the Berlin Cathedral, is one ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Checkpoint Charlie Museum

    Checkpoint Charlie Museum was founded in 1962 at the ...

    Normally €12.50Learn more »

  • Berlin River Cruise

    Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the River Spree and take in ...

    Normally €15.00Learn more »

  • AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

    AquaDom & Sea Life Berlin is an impressive underwater world ...

    Normally €19.00Learn more »

  • Madame Tussauds Berlin

    Madame Tussauds Berlin

    Rub shoulders with your favourite stars, from Hollywood ...

    Normally €25.00Learn more »

  • Queer Berlin Walking Tour

    Visit vibrant neighborhoods and learn all about LGBTQ+ history

    Normally €14.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Street Art Walking Tour

    Discover Berlin’s world-famous street art scene

    Normally €14.00Learn more »

  • Little BIG City Berlin

    Little BIG City Berlin

    Bringing life to Berlin's rich history, in minature form, ...

    Normally €16.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Dungeon

    The Berlin Dungeon is a must-see visitor attraction bringing ...

    Normally €22.50Learn more »

  • PanoramaPunkt


    Get spectacular views across one of the worlds most ...

    Normally €7.50Learn more »

  • Berlin Story Museum & Bunker

    The Berlin Story Museum & Bunker details the turbulent ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin

    A great attraction for the family, come and dive into the ...

    Normally €19.50Learn more »

  • Olympiastadion Berlin

    The Olympic Stadium was designed by architect Werner March ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Magicum, Berlin Magic Museum

    Magicum, Berlin Magic Museum

    Discover the fascinating world of magic at MAGICUM, the ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • The Wall Museum East Side Gallery

    The Wall Museum East Side Gallery

    Visit The Wall Museum East Side Gallery to delve into the ...

    Normally €12.50Learn more »

  • me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation

    Browse priceless art pieces at this unique gallery

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • asisi Panorama Berlin-the divided city

    Take a trip back in time to Berlin in the 1980s and discover ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Berlin WELTBalloon

    Free entry to Berlin WELTBalloon with a Berlin Pass - Save ...

    Normally €25.00Learn more »

  • Illuseum-3

    Illuseum Berlin

    Free entry to Illuseum Berlin with a Berlin Pass - Save €12.00

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Walking Tours

    A selection of interesting and insightful walking tours lead ...

    Normally €14.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Bike Tour

    Enjoy a free guided bike tour of Berlin and discover the ...

    Normally €28.00Learn more »

  • Pergamon Museum

    One of Berlin's most popular museum thanks to it's extensive ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Bode Museum

    Home to a rare collection of sculptures, art and other ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Bröhan-Museum


    Bröhan Museum is an internationally renowned museum of art ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Neue National Gallery

    Home to a large collection of artwork by popular artist of ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Alte National Gallery

    Also known as the Old National Gallery, showcases work by ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Hamburger Bahnhof

    This converted train station is home to the Museum of ...

    Normally €14.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Islamic Art

    Home to an impressive collection of Islamic artwork from the ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Middle Eastern Museum

    Exhibits an impressive collection of work and artefacts ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Photography

    The Museum of Photography or “Museum für Fotografie” ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Egyptian Museum Berlin

    Collection features grand sculptures of Pharaohs, decorated ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Altes Museum

    A huge and impressive building on Museum Island, it's home to ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Neues Museum

    Home to Egyptian treasures and other ancient collections from ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection

    Sammlung Scharf Gerstenberg is an art museum housed over 3 ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Pre-History & Early History

    Museum of Pre-History & Early History

    The Museum of pre-history and early history, located in the ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Gemalde Gallery

    Features a huge collection of over 2,700 pieces of artwork by ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Berggruen Museum

    Berggruen Museum

    Admire masterpieces by Picasso, Matisse and Giacometti at the ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Berlinische Gallery

    An exciting art gallery with a large collection of modern ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Ephraim Palais Berlin

    The Ephraim Palais in Berlin is a magnificent historic ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Church of St. Nicholas

    Explore the oldest building in Berlin and learn about the ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Botanical Museum

    Home to special and unique exhibitions showcasing botany and ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Communication Museum

    Learn all about the history of communication in this ...

    Normally €4.00Learn more »

  • MACHmit! Museum

    The MACHmit! museum has been specially designed for children ...

    Normally €4.50Learn more »

  • Kunstbibliothek

    The Kunstbibliothek or the "Art Library" in Berlin has an ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Düppel Museum Village

    The Duppel Museum Village in Berlin is a detailed ...

    Normally €2.00Learn more »

  • Georg Kolbe Museum

    Set within the grounds of the artist's former residence, this ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Natural History Museum

    Fantastic museum with skeleton reconstructions and ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Jewish Museum Berlin

    The Jewish Museum Berlin is set with one of the most exciting ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Anne Frank Centre

    Exhibitions focus on the life of Anne Frank and her time ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Film Museum

    Opened in 1963, the museum explores the world of cinema and ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Bauhaus Archive

    The Bauhaus Archive is a presentation of the history and work ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • German Technology Museum

    The German Technology Museum offers an interactive experience ...

    Normally €4.50Learn more »

  • Dahlem Museum

    The Dahlem Museum is a complex which hosts a number of ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Labyrinth Children’s Museum

    The Labyrinth Childrens Museum or “Labyrinth ...

    Normally €4.50Learn more »

  • Musical Instrument Museum

    The Musical Instrument museum displays treasures from 400 ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Brücke Museum

    The Brücke Museum is a small museum that's home to over 400 ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Medical History Museum

    The Medical History showcases the development of medical ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Märkisches Museum

    The Märkisches Museum opened in 1913 and showcases the rich ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Decorative Arts

    The Museum of Decorative Arts or “Kunstgewerbemuseum” is ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »