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Our top 10 recommended things to do in Berlin

There is enough fun, exciting and interesting things to do and see in Berlin to keep every visitor happy, and with over 50 museums, tours, galleries and sights including on the Berlin Pass there is plenty to choose from.

Here is our top 10 things to do on a visit to Berlin:

1. A Hop-on-hop-off Bus Tour remains a classic that never fails to please. It's the best way to see all of the popular landmarks and sights in the city complete with educational commmentry giving you an overview of them.

2. Berliner Dom, also known as the Berlin Cathedral, is probably the grandest building in the city and is popular with all visitors. The Dome is magnificent in it's size and architecture as well as it's great views of central Berlin.Checkpoint Charlie

3. Mauer Museum at the Checkpoint Charlie border crossing offers in intersting insight to the history of where East Germany met West Germany. Exhibtions in the popular museum including brick work from the Wall and stories about escape attempts.

4. River Cruise in Berlin is another great way to take in lots of the city's iconic and famous landmarks. A cruise down the River Spree is a relaxing peaceful way to enjoy the sights, espeically during the summer!

5. Pergamon Museum is one of the most visited places in Berlin and is popular for a very good reason as it is home to one of the molst extensive collections of treasures found in the city.

6. Bode Museum, formerly known as the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum, was the fourth museum to be built on museum island. The baroque style building houses a varied array of exhibitions including byzantine art, the sculpture collection and the numismatic collection.

7. Alte National Gallery is another member of the museum island ensemble.  The neoclassical building which was styled on a Greek temple is home to some of Germany’s most treasured works of 19th century art and includes work by Adolph Menzel Edouard Manet, Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir.

8. The Jewish Museum Berlin takes you through the history of the resident Jewish community in Germany and the contribution they made to the country. There is an exhibit dedicated to the harrowing memories of the Holocaust. The modern style building was designed by Daniel Libeskind and is based on the Star of David.

9. Germalde Gallery forms part of the Kulturforum museum complex situated to the south of the Tiergarten.  It is also referred to as the Old Masters Museum and contains a fantastic compilation of early European art, including the largest collection of Rembrant paintings in the world. Other famous names represented here are Botticelli, Rubens, Dürer, Titian, Goya and Velasquez.

10. The Egyptian Museum, know locally as the Agyptische Museum and Papyrussammlung, has an extensive Ancient Egyptian art and papyrus collection.  There are some famous pieces including the bust of Queen Nefertiti and the ‘Berlin Green Head’ on display here.

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Top 10 Berlin Attractions

Top 10 Berlin Attractions

  1. €17.00Berlin Bus Tour
  2. €12.00Pergamon Museum
  3. €12.50Checkpoint Charlie Museum
  4. €12.00Berlin River Cruise
  5. €15.00Insider Walking Tours
  6. €24.00Fat Tire Bike Tours
  7. €7.00Berliner Dom
  8. €10.00Bode Museum
  9. €10.00Neue National Gallery
  10. €10.00Alte National Gallery

All of these top attractions and tours would normally cost you over €129

Visiting all of these attractions
would cost you over €129.
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